Todd and Mandy Davenport’s New Book ‘Beauty From Ashes: Marriage, Infidelity, Restoration’ Explores the Author’s Journey to Heal Their Marriage Following Infidelity

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Fulton Books authors Todd and Mandy Davenport, who have been married since 2005 and are the proud parents of two wonderful children, have completed their most recent book "Beauty from Ashes: Marriage, Infidelity, Restoration": an inspiring account of how the authors managed to salvage and strengthen their marriage after almost losing it entirely.

"Sometimes life throws us an unimaginable circumstance that seems insurmountable," write Todd and Mandy. "How we handle these monumental occurrences will not only shape the future of our lives but those around us whom we care the most about. When infidelity entered our marriage not once but twice, we found ourselves facing many decisions that no one can ever be prepared to make. We were standing at the base of a massive mountain that we either had to climb, knowing that we could fail, or just quit and turn away from the precipice. Do we stay together? If we do, how do we start? Where do we start? Do we separate or divorce? How does that life look? Will the kids be okay? What about finances? All these questions had to be answered all while dealing with feelings of isolation, pain, confusion and depression.

"While the task of transforming as people and spouses under these circumstances is daunting and terrifying, evolution, growth and success are not only possible but likely if you are willing to lay down everything and put in the selfless work that is required. In 'Beauty from Ashes,' we walk through our highs and lows as well as the steps we took to heal our marriage and family. If we can be successful, so can you. Our prayer in writing this book is for people to see that recovery is possible and to spark some hope in the lives of those who are preparing to make the journey to healing."

Published by Fulton Books, Todd and Mandy Davenport's book is an enlightening read that explores one's options in a marriage when faced with infidelity, outside of separation and divorce. Despite the initial hurt that it may cause, Todd and Mandy use their story to reveal that infidelity can lead to a stronger marriage through communication, hard work, and recentering one's marital union to focus on God.

Readers who wish to experience this eye-opening work can purchase "Beauty from Ashes: Marriage, Infidelity, Restoration" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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