Success Financial Team Announces Move to Prestigious Eighth & Main in Downtown Boise, Idaho

Success Financial Team (Success Financial LLC) is delighted to announce its move to the Class-A office and retail building, Eighth & Main, in downtown Boise, Idaho.

Success Financial Team

Success Financial Team moves to Boise, ID

Completed in 2014, Eighth & Main is the tallest building in the state, with an environmentally conscious and sustainable design that was constructed to serve the community's business needs. While it would be a shock for anyone who saw it now, the location had been known as the "Boise Hole" as it sat vacant for decades until local business leaders finally committed to the construction and built the grand building that stands there today. At this prestigious location, Success Financial LLC hopes to build a long-term home base to meet with new and existing clients, hire new talent, and network with the community's hardest-working professionals.

The move to a new office right now might seem like a strange decision given the times. Several analytical and news articles have announced the end of the office, the permanent shift to digital communication platforms, and the need for businesses to adapt to this new era. After all, why pay the large sums that go into office real estate if there is a viable alternative? Work-from-home setups and digital communications have certainly proven to be useful, as well as necessary, during the past 18 months to keep operations running. Many have experienced the benefits of being able to conduct online meetings with clients or associates in faraway cities or countries at a fraction of the time and cost that it used to. Digital marketing is the most efficient way to get the word out about a business. It allows a business to establish relations with potential customers by informing them of the services on offer. Marketing creates brand identity, builds brand recognition, and generates interest. It helps boost sales, build a stable and consistent client base, and establish business relevance in the world.

Success Financial Team (also featured by Business Insider for their business excellence) is a true believer in conducting business online. Yet with their plans to expand, they decided to create a professional office space and not completely replace the more traditional way of business. After all, humans are social creatures and there is no true replacement for in-person meetings and exchanges. This being even more the case when it comes to meeting new people and establishing foundational relationships.

A considerable amount of research by business and economics scholars supports this idea that in-person business collaboration is invaluable. For the past century, as societies industrialized, people have been moving in droves to work in cities in pursuit of the new jobs that were being created. Every new person or family that moved to the city would then need a new set of living accommodations, goods, and services to live their lives, creating more jobs. This created a self-perpetuating cycle where the city became an essential center for economic growth and business collaboration. Upon the advent of the internet and the introduction of a wide variety of digital communication platforms, many thought that work might become more decentralized and that cities might finally lose their values. In fact, quite the opposite happened, and cities have only grown in value for continuing to be places where business clusters can form and people can interact with each other freely to share ideas and communicate.

But why exactly is this? It seems natural to assume that cities and offices would lose their value once the internet became such a powerful tool for communication. The answer to this apparent paradox lies in the type of economy we live in and from looking at the most value-added businesses. In the past, land, machines, and physical production was king. Producing more and selling more consumed much of the businessman's life. In the modern era, it is all about human capital, collaboration, and knowledge. While physical processes are still important, these factors create the exponential gains that companies look for which make up the modern economy. Cities and offices provide excellent spaces where capable professionals can collaborate, share knowledge, and discuss the new ideas that really drive value. In addition, the value of trust between professionals and clients has only grown in the age of the internet, where it is easy for communication to become so impersonal. The value of shared physical spaces has therefore only grown, rather than shrunk like so many thought it would.

On the other hand, there is also the argument for adaptation. As mentioned previously, there are clear benefits to digital communications and online platforms. While the pandemic and the forced move away from the office has brought the value of in-person work at the office, business clusters, and cities into question again, it is likely that the answer lies somewhere in the middle. The standard may eventually become that in-person meetings to establish trust at first will be prioritized, and then frequent digital or video-chatting to maintain communications will be utilized. It will be up to businesses to decide when and where they need to prioritize personal communications and when they can utilize digital technologies for increased efficiencies or to reach new customers that they could not previously. In this regard, Success Financial LLC's move to Eighth & Main represents a long-term investment in one-half of the equation that values and emphasizes trust, collaboration, and reliability to its clients and business associates, whether they want to meet at this new office or online.

At the end of the day, the move is to benefit the customer. Success Financial Team has a passion for customer service and view the move as an opportunity to expand their offerings, while also continuing to deliver great service.

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