Stardust’s New Proprietary Wallet Solution Makes Blockchain Gaming Easier, Scalable, and More Secure

Stardust Vault, the newest release from Stardust, makes it easy to safely store and transfer digital assets without sacrificing customer experience and speed.

Stardust Vault

Stardust Vault

PALO ALTO, Calif. - August 3, 2022 - (

Stardust, a blockchain technology provider, announced the release of Stardust Vault, the proprietary in-game wallet solution that ensures safe, easy, fast, and secure financial transactions within games. With over 500,000 Stardust Vault users with wallets, Stardust continues to develop scalable products that would benefit users engaging with Web3 infrastructure. 

"At Stardust, we are leading the way to the future of gaming," said Stardust CEO, Canaan Linder. "What we are trying to accomplish has far-reaching implications. That's why I'm thrilled to bring Stardust Vault to market. This solution will address an issue affecting hundreds of millions of gamers who will be playing blockchain-based games: wallet security for NFTs and currencies."

The Stardust Vault revolutionizes how players' wallets are stored by offering game developers a fully custodial, secure, tamper-proof and compliant solution. The Vault was thoughtfully designed to leverage internal workflows, making it the most secure and compliant, fully custodial solution on the market today. Stardust is no stranger to speed and efficiency, having recently minted 400,000 NFTs in under 17 hours with Dr. Disrespect's Midnight Society - a record achievement in an industry that is known for breaking barriers. 

"From a gamer perspective, players won't see the Stardust Vault, but it makes their in-game interactions with NFTs smooth and safe," said Linder. "When a gamer picks up or discards an NFT, the Vault safely and securely processes that transaction instantly in the cloud, allowing the gamer to continue their journey without having to wait for the blockchain to catch up."

With Vault, Stardust continues to lead a movement to make gaming in Web3 easier, more convenient and more secure. For gamers, managing and earning NFTs in games has long been a complicated process that undermines the user's experience. Stardust Vaults will change this by creating a virtual wallet that enhances gaming in a way that feels effortless to the user.

Stardust Vault is available to clients using the Stardust ecosystem. To learn more, please schedule time with the Stardust team here.

About Stardust:

Stardust powers the metaverse by making it possible for game developers to enable NFTs in their games with a blockchain-free API. Empowering game developers to build on blockchain via their effortless back-end solution, Stardust provides a seamless ecosystem for game publishers to build and scale metaverse-ready games. From a growing list of blockchain options to provisioned player-wallets and a built-in NFT marketplace, Stardust is paving the path for the future of gaming. | For media inquiries: [email protected]


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