Sage Microelectronics Hosts ‘Asian Memory and Storage Trends’ at Flash Memory Summit 2023

Sage Microelectronics Corporation, a leading semiconductor company providing Integrated Circuits and solutions for digital storage and data security applications, hosted the "Asian Memory and Storage Trends" panel discussion at the 2023 Flash Memory Summit at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California.

Flash Memory Summit is an all-inclusive international memory and storage showcase from Aug. 7-10. FMS is the largest memory and storage industry show with the most high-level keynoters from leading companies, the largest exhibits, and sessions covering everything from applications and architectures through enterprise storage, controllers, and new technologies.

Our industry thrives and grows with new technology and more applications than ever. FMS has expanded to an all-inclusive M&S summit welcoming all emerging M&S solutions. The scope of FMS2023 includes DRAM, DNA data storage, UCIe chiplet interconnects, Compute Express Link, wearables, automotive, AI/ML, data centers, and entertainment applications etc. 

Attendees come from companies producing consumer electronics (particularly cell phones, digital cameras, handheld PCs, and videogames) in computers, communications, military/defense systems, industrial and process control, test equipment, and instrumentation.

As an important participant and organizer of the Flash Memory Summit over the years, Sage Microelectronics successfully hosted the "Asian Memory and Storage Trends" track discussion on Aug. 8, making this venue one of the most crowded venues in the summit. The agenda included several SSD experts from Asia to share their in-depth views from different perspectives.

Chairman of the 2023 Flash Memory Summit Charles Sobey opened the "Asian Memory and Storage Trends" event with a special speech. He welcomed the speakers and participants who shared their insights and experiences on the development of SSD in China's enterprise and data center markets.

Chen Xiang, Vice President of Product Engineering at DapuStor, discussed the current challenges and opportunities for enterprise-level SSDs in China, specifically the application of QLC technology. He also introduced ZNS SSD (Zone Namespace Solid State Drive), a new product specification that is expected to improve the performance of QLC SSDs.

Next, Kang Lei, Vice President of Product Planning at DERA, presented an overview of the server SSD markets abroad, as well as the future trends and prospects of the industry. He also analyzed the characteristics and needs of different customers in the Chinese market.

Peter Deng, the product manager of Silicon Motion, introduced the latest PCIe GEN5 controller SM2508, which uses TSMC's 6nm process to reduce power consumption by 30% compared to 12nm. He explained how the controller can further reduce the CPU load and the operating power consumption with its unique design.

In the afternoon session, Brian Dargel, Technical Marketing Director of Solidigm, gave a presentation on the history and future of NAND Flash QLC technology. He drew a blueprint for the development of the flash memory industry in the next seven years from various perspectives. He shared some of his insights and predictions on the impact of QLC technology on data center applications.

The event concluded with a panel discussion hosted by Sage Microelectronics, which included Brian Dargel, Chen Xiang, Kang Lei, and Stanley Huang. They exchanged their views and opinions on the development of NAND flash technology, QLC technology, and data center applications. 

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