Playermall Selects Paymentwall to Provide Localized Payments Services Worldwide for Its Global Online Gaming Platform

With an objective of offering safe and convenient payment options to its global customers, Playermall now implements Paymentwall on its website.

Playermall ( offers a wide range of online gaming items to the global customers. They have now implemented Paymentwall on their website in order to provide customers with a safe and secure payment system. Paymentwall is an efficient international payment gateway and its integration will help bring more customers to the website. The system accepts global credit cards, SMS payments etc, and thus, offers more options to customers when it comes to making online transactions.

According to the spokesperson of Playermall, they handle a significant number of customers every month who purchase CD Keys, WOW Gold,Powerleveling and other online gaming stuffs from them. Now, with an efficient online payment system like Paymentwall, the payment processing will become quicker and safer. This will allow the website to deliver items quickly to the global customers. Hence, the overall performance of the website will increase and this will help draw the attention of the online gaming community. The spokesperson is confident that more and more gamers will now come to them to fulfill their online video gaming needs.

Playermall maintains a ready stock of a variety of online gaming items and with an efficient payment gateway, they will be able to supply gaming stuffs to a gaming enthusiast at any time. One can quickly get the desired Gold or Powerleveling to get back to the game and enjoy playing it for an enhanced gaming experience. “Since gamers today want quick services, with Paymentwall, we will be able to meet their expectations in a more professional manner,” the spokesperson states.

The spokesperson maintains that the decision of implementing Paymentwall is a step forward to satisfy their customers with great services. One can now quickly place an order with them and can make payment online. They also offer Live Help for people facing any type of issue while placing an order. Besides, supplying the ordered items fast, they provide the tracking option as well for a customer to quickly track down the order. With all such features, Playermall aims at offering the best service to their global customers.

About Playermall​

Playermall is made up of a group of highly experienced gamers as well as professional B2C operators. The website is more than an MMORPG Online Game Store, and they aim to heighten people’s gaming experience with the best prices and the best services.

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Original Source: Playermall Selects Paymentwall to Provide Localized Payments Services Worldwide for Its Global Online Gaming Platform