PDFMania Discusses E-Book Formats and Which to Choose in 2021

Reading was invented long time ago and its popularity is constantly growing. Psychologists state books are the greatest pieces of information. Hundreds of years ago it was really hard to get a book compared to nowadays, where you can start reading in two clicks. We also have got plenty of libraries, e-catalogues, e-libraries and so on. There can be two types of readers: a paper-book reader and an e-book reader. Due to this fact, it is reasonable to ask what format of an e-book to choose.

What are the formations of e-books?

If you are a constant reader of e-books, you know that ePub is one of the most widespread formats. It has some important elements that are considered as advantages:

  • The ability to change size type and page orientation;
  • It adapts to the size of the screen;
  • It supports two types of layouts (reflowable and fixed-layout).

Another widespread format of e-books is TXT. It is less popular than ePub because of its simplicity. If you want just to open the text file, it will suit you perfectly. In this file, you won't be able to see any pictures, colors or formulas. Another popular format for e-readers is known as MOBI. The full name of the format is Mobipocket. Such a format is spread on Amazon Kindle. It is supported on various types of operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Android.

This format has a big number of varieties. Among them are the following:

  1. AZW1;
  2. AZW3;
  3. AZW4;
  4. AZK;
  5. KFX;
  6. AZW8.

One more kind of popular format is known as PDF. It is not only popular for books but for any type of documents. It is a cross-platform format. It is available on many devices with different operating systems. There is another format that is close to PDF - it is DJVU. The main difference is that it is used mainly for scanned pictures and documents.

Rights, security, and support

This information can be especially interesting for writers. There are some formats that have a high level of security. One of the ways to protect books from illegal copying is to use DRM. It is well-supported in ePub, PDF and MOBI formats. At the same time, users state that such a kind of protection brings only inconveniences in usage rather than real protection.

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