New Music 2023: Gumbrecht’s Muses Stream Across the World

Acoustic rock artist's second album finds an eager audience - everywhere - courtesy of playlists and independent media

Enter the Muses cover art by Deb Walley

Hot air balloon sails over the water before the full moon

The pre-release reviews are strong. UK Independent says, "This is a classic sounding American record … great lyrics and a nice modern folk sound." New Artist Discoveries enthuses the music is "animated by perfect melody and precise lyrics. This is a wonderful style of Pop." Our Sound calls it "a breath of fresh air among so many electronic songs." Hailed as fresh and original, Gumbrecht's songs are playing on six continents in over 50 countries via popular playlists and social media.  

Today, Enter the Muses officially drops as the spring holiday weekend gets underway. The album follows last year's Colorshow with a fresh take on traditional rock/folk/songwriter-style music.  Muses explores the sources of inspiration and connection in modern life. It is a broadly optimistic collection. Gumbrecht's signature features - bright guitars, country/southern-rock arrangements, animated storytelling - are abundant. He sings with a confident and engaging voice. His poetic lyrics bear repeated listening. Here are stories about summer car trips, the whims of luck, backyard parties, and tumbling road races. The songs relate to and enhance each other underscoring the idea that muses are present and constantly shaping our experience.  

Eight original songs are performed by Gumbrecht and the talented team that delivered his debut album. Collaborators include the velvet-voiced Claire Marie, musician/producer Eric Michael Lichter, and sound engineer Guido Falivene. The ensemble handles the range of moods and styles in a relaxed, sometimes improvised manner. They infuse Gumbrecht's songs with easy-going charm and warmth.

Gumbrecht, a native New Yorker, was raised in the album-rock era. His music recalls Paul Simon, James Taylor, Bruce Springsteen, the Eagles and CSNY with a modern vitality. Ed initially performed in NY bands and theater before leaving the arts for a traditional career. He continued writing - penning songs daily as well as authoring novels, short stories and screenplays. With the 2022 release of Colorshow, Ed returned to musical performance. Enter the Muses is his second album release in 14 months. A third project is underway for late 2023 release.  

Today, Gumbrecht's albums stream beyond genre and geographic boundaries. World Indie Generation calls his music "Emotional, lyrical, touching. A complete delight." As Enter the Muses pours into the world this week, it promises to become a bright highlight in the soundtrack of 2023. 

Enter the Muses is now available through all major music outlets and streams. Add these classic songs to your playlists and share them with friends who appreciate fine music.

Album Tracks: Enter the Muses, Well, Another Leaf, Walking Backward, Sunset Drive, 
(Love Will) Make us Wise, Cry a Little Longer, Air

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Ed Gumbrecht
[email protected]

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