New Book Highlights Cultural Divide, Expresses Hope for the Future

Breaking Old Habits is Never Easy

In an increasingly polarized world, Damian Johnson's new book Break The Chain: Part 1: Hustle Game Too Hard offers an intimate look at the human side of things usually reduced to news stories. In this book, released by Cadmus Publishing, brothers Darren and Kasey are trying to break free of the criminal underworld that they've grown up in. Informed by his personal experience, Johnson weaves a thrilling and heartbreaking tale that will keep readers hooked from the first page.

Darren wants out of the game and a better life. But his younger brother Kasey has fallen in love with the lifestyle and wants to take them both to the top. Conflict arises as concerned family members try to pull them out and business partners want them in. There are serious choices to make as the two attempt to navigate between a checkered past and an uncertain chance at a better future.

About the Author:

Damian L. Johnson graduated from St. Phillips college but now attends Southwest Junior College. Johnson is the author of several upcoming books: Project Cosmic ConsciousnessSpirit Warriors, the Trap Queen series, and The Royal Family series. He has a passion for writing and hopes to share that with people who also find joy in his books.

Johnson has been hard at work not only writing, but creating The Everyone Movement. Growing up with an absent father, Johnson turned to illicit activity to survive. He laments the path he took back then and often wishes there had been someone to show him a different way. Enter The Everyone Movement: a collective of creative, supportive entrepreneurs who aspire to build a better world, both now and for the future.

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