Live from Earth — World’s Largest Online Event in Support of Earth Day — April 17-22, 2023

LIVE FROM EARTH — Worldwide online gathering happening April 17-22, 2023, featuring broadcasts that will highlight innovators who are at the forefront of helping solve global environmental challenges

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Live from Earth ( is a worldwide online gathering happening April 17-22, 2023, featuring broadcasts that will highlight innovators who are at the forefront of helping solve global environmental challenges. This inspiring event will be broadcast on the new carbon-neutral social media streaming platform PORTL ( PORTL is dedicated to positive social/environmental impact and a fair equity-share with content creators. The event feed will also be delivered on YouTube and Facebook through a global coalition of broadcasting partners.

Background: Humanity is at a crossroads. The recent IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) just released an ominous report on the health of our planet. Yet simultaneously, we are witnessing a groundswell of organizations and individuals who are bringing forth actionable solutions that are empowering, hopeful, and inspiring. As people self-organize to address these challenges, the need for a social platform dedicated to this cause of healing our planet has become imperative. It is always the artists, the creatives, and the community-weavers who bring about needed changes for the collective and PORTL is providing that platform. Live from Earth highlights the collaborative efforts that are possible when tech platforms allow individuals to organize and mutually support each other towards positive social and environmental change.

Musical guests: Ziggy Marley, Donovan, Xavier Rudd, Heilung, The String Cheese Incident, STS9, Starling Arrow and others.

Celebrity appearances from Prince EA, Holland Roden, Kim Stanley Robinson, Nathalie Kelley and others.

Environmental thought leaders including Captain Paul Watson, Vandana Shiva, Jean-Michel Cousteau, Lynne Twist, Zainab Salbi, Fawn Sharp, Pat McCabe, Atossa Soltani, Justin Winters, Leila Salazar-Lopez, Ron Finley, Chad Frischmann, Ryland Englehart and more. 

Additional programming includes a film premiere of "Hidden Heroes" by Marco Rios Bollinger; a presentation from Kiss the Ground; a segment from Earth Gratitude hosted by actress Brianna Brown; wisdom from indigenous wisdom-keeper Pat McCabe; films from indigenous storytelling non-profit If Not Us Then Who?; and an interview with Shawn Heinrichs of the environmental impact accelerator Only One.

The event is free, and will be raising funds via donation for high-impact nonprofit organizations that are dedicated to environmental causes. Beneficiaries: Ocean Futures Society, The Climate Initiative, Captain Paul Watson Foundation, Pachamama Alliance, Navdanya International, Conscious Alliance, UNIFY, and If Not Us Then Who? The event donation campaign is sponsored by the Rugged Elegance Foundation.

Schedule: Commences 1 p.m. PDT daily, between April 17-22, 2023


Monday, April 17: Food and Water

Tuesday, April 18: Indigenous Voices

Wednesday, April 19: Wildlife and Habitat

Thursday, April 20: Youth Activism

Friday, April 21: Ocean Futures

Saturday, April 22: Earth Day Celebration featuring major global artists and speakers

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About PORTL: PORTL is the new carbon-neutral social media streaming platform. We are an online platform for content creators to monetize and distribute their content, engage their community, and earn money.

Creators can lock live streams, audio, video, and photos behind a paywall giving subscribers access for a monthly fee.

The platform provides easy-to-use live streaming, community engagement tools, virtual audience window, dynamic live chat, direct messaging, robust social media features, display network, and more.

PORTL was created by a team of festival producers and artists to combat the revenue losses creators have suffered over the past decade; copyright infringement, low revenue for internet broadcast, the disappearance of products like books, CDs, DVDs, and now the disappearance of in-person events.

PORTL will provide a new revenue stream for thousands of content creators that are seeking an appropriate and equitable platform to monetize their creativity, media, and influence.

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