Johnny L. Dudley’s New Audiobook ‘The Bridge of Hearts’ is a Compelling Work That Discusses the Importance of Building Trustworthy Spiritual Connections With God and Others

Recent audiobook release "The Bridge of Hearts" from Audiobook Network author Johnny L. Dudley is an insightful and engaging work that explores the correct ways to build trustworthy spiritual connections between God and man, citing the value of recognizing that human beings are created not only to receive God's love but also to return it.

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Johnny L. Dudley has completed his new audiobook "The Bridge of Hearts": a useful and meaningful guide that provides impactful advice about how to go about deeply connecting with God in ways that are faithful and true. 

Author Johnny L. Dudley describes the importance of following God's guidance, through the simple pattern He gave us. "It is the pattern we must follow for our acceptance in the holiest place of his heart and the holiest place in the heart of others. The simple diagram our Father gave to Moses on Mount Sinai shows us the seven steps the Levites took to enter God's holiest place and commune with his Spirit. These are the same steps Jesus took to reinstate his connection with God after becoming the sins of our world, and the steps we must take to follow him through the narrow way that leads to life."

He continues, "Citing God's pattern as his divine instructions for fulfilling the three requirements of divine love, the Bridge of Hearts shows us how to build solid spiritual connections with him and others to finish our course with joy. It highlights a most essential truth that has been embedded deep in the pages of Scripture, that is, our works are not about earning God's love they're about returning God's love."

Published by Audiobook Network, author Johnny L. Dudley's new audiobook investigates God's instructions for building spiritual bridges. 

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "The Bridge of Heart" by Johnny L. Dudley through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon. 

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