Innoflight Selected by Northrop Grumman as Strategic Space Avionics Supplier

Innoflight is on contract with Northrop Grumman to deliver key avionics, including communications, encryption/decryption, networking, processing with data storage, and precision navigation timing products, for Space Development Agency (SDA) Tranche 1 Transport Layer (T1TL)

Innoflight products to be delivered for SDA T1TL

Innoflight products to be delivered for SDA T1TL

Innoflight is pleased to announce that Northrop Grumman Corporation selected Innoflight as a strategic avionics supplier for the Space Development Agency (SDA) Tranche 1 Transport Layer (T1TL) program.

Last year, SDA announced the award of three prototype agreements worth approximately $1.8 billion to establish the foundation for T1TL, a mesh network of 126 optically interconnected Space Vehicles (SV) that will provide a resilient, low-latency, high-volume data transport communication system, and be ready for launch by September 2024. Northrop Grumman was one of the awardees and is responsible for providing 42 SVs to be deployed in two Low Earth Orbit (LEO) orbital planes. The T1TL objective is to form the initial warfighting capability tranche of the Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture (PWSA).  

For T1TL, Innoflight will leverage its range of flight-proven products to advance its technologies to higher levels. Specifically, Innoflight will be delivering to Northrop Grumman S-band software-defined radios for Telemetry, Tracking, and Control (TT&C) data links, Type-1 "bulk" and "mesh network" End Cryptographic Units (ECUs), network Internet Protocol (IP) routers with Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), network Ethernet switches, flight processors with on-orbit data storage - including Battle Management Command, Control and Communications (BMC3), and precision navigation timing. 

"Innoflight is proud that Northrop Grumman selected Innoflight for the T1TL program. We have been working diligently with Northrop Grumman for some time and we believe our joint expertise will be beneficial to successfully deliver cutting-edge technology at volume to support our warfighters," said Jeff Janicik, Innoflight CEO and President. "Our strong collaboration has already yielded significant progress towards completing the design of advanced SV sub-systems in scope."

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Innoflight is a Non-traditional Defense Contractor (NDC) founded in 2005. Innoflight offers state-of-the-art space avionics, including Communications & Networking Solutions, Cyber Security Solutions, Processing, Data Storage & Payload Interface Electronics Solutions, and Bus & Payload Integrated Avionics Solutions. Our core competency is secure Command, Control, Communications, and Computers (C4) design through innovative implementation of modern Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) technology in tandem with common standards and protocols that produce modular, high-performance, yet low Size Weight and Power (SWaP) systems at competitive prices. Our products are qualified through an Innoflight rigorous process that includes parts reliability analysis & testing, system-level fault tolerance, and radiation risk mitigation. Our customers include the U.S. government, prime aerospace contractors and commercial space developers. Web site:

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