Author Ray D. Morgan’s New Book ‘Beyond This Valley’ Follows Jacob Kelly, the Only White Man Recognized by His Comanche Neighbors as Being of One Spirit With the Horse

Recent release "Beyond This Valley" from Newman Springs Publishing author Ray D. Morgan is a captivating novel that follows Jacob Kelly as he attempts to protect his young family and the families of his closest neighbors on the American frontier.

COOKSON, Okla. - November 2, 2022 - (

Ray D. Morgan has completed his new book "Beyond This Valley": a gripping and potent novel about Jacob Kelly, who hopes his Comanche name, Squaw Pony, will be enough to protect his family. He is 30 miles from his closest neighbor and his only sister, so he is too far away to simply call for help. 

Ray Morgan has spent most of his life as an industrial machinist/pump mechanic as well as being an organic farmer and beekeeper. He has an associate degree in environmental water technology and is a retired licensed water treatment agent. He has spent some time as a certified substitute teacher for the local school in grades K-12. He has also spent some time in recent years working and volunteering at the Agricultural Hall of Fame, spending a few days a week maintaining the grounds, working on equipment, and helping events to run smoothly. He drove the train for his grandkids and others while working in the Hall of Fame. He has been an organic farmer for the last 50 or so years as well as a beekeeper for the last 16 or so years. He has raised cattle on a small scale and an occasional foal for his use. He is a collector of books, magazines, broken things, and unfinished projects.

Ray discusses his work, writing, "The purpose here is to tell a real story about real people. True, the events are fictitious. However, the story was inspired by C. W. Morgan, who was an actual person and an ancestor of the author. C.W. served as a surgeon with Waller's Battalion along the Red River in Texas during its civil war. In civilian life, he was a wheelwright, schoolteacher, and farmer."

He continues, "Think now of every brave man and woman who pulled up roots and loaded their children along, with everything they might need to start a new life, into a wagon no larger than a modern contractors van. Not only did they have to load all of their household and personal belongings, but they also had to include supplies, food, tools, feed for the animals, seeds, and everything else needed to be able to survive until they reached their destination. After reaching their destination, they had to be able to get by until their first crop came in. Consider also every creek and river crossing that could possibly bring disaster. If you study a map, you will discover that this could occur as often as once or twice a day. A turned-over wagon in a muddy creek bottom always meant disaster, not only the loss of everything they owned but also the possibility of injury or death to someone in their family."

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Ray D. Morgan's gripping tale pulls readers in with intriguing characters and a captivating plot. 

Readers who wish to experience this fascinating work can purchase "Beyond This Valley" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

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