Author Mark Conrad’s new book, ‘Whatever Happened to the Biblical Church?’ is an educating read discussing the loss of faith in America

Recent release "Whatever Happened to the Biblical Church?" from Covenant Books author Mark Conrad is a compelling read sharing his perspective of why there has been a loss of Christianity, of belief, church attendance, and open worship in America.

FALL RIVER, Mass. - August 16, 2022 - (

Mark Conrad, a retired United States Naval officer and proud father and grandfather, has completed his new book, "Whatever Happened to the Biblical Church?":  a faith-based work discussing the lessening of Christianity in America.

Conrad shares, "It already happened in Europe, and now, it is happening in America. Christianity, once the dominant element of our culture, is dying. Pastors are leaving their pulpits in droves. Churches are closing or see declining attendance. More and more people have little to no interest in attending church services even on Easter and Christmas! This decline is especially noticeable in the part of America where the Gospel first arrived—the northeast! Why is this happening, and can anything be done to reverse these critical trends? For over two thousand years, the Church of Jesus Christ has moved from its original bold, open-air, service-oriented outreach to a cloistered inside a building existence adversely impacting the Gospel. Christians rarely share their faith even with their loved ones. More and more being a Christian means to be an enemy of the progressive nature of our society. Whatever Happened to the Biblical Church? addresses the reasons for this departure from the New Testament church and Christianity and gives applicable, first-century solutions to avoid and overcome this lapse into the post-Christian culture. But in order to understand let alone accept these solutions Christians and especially Christian leaders must understand that the church as we know it today is not what is found in the New Testament. We must return to the local gathering, discipleship oriented and open-air ministries that existed when Christ commanded his followers to 'be witnesses for me.'"

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Mark Conrad's new book shares his perspective on why there has been a lack of faith and why Christianity has become a sort of enemy of the progressive mindset along with how it can be remedied.

Readers can purchase "Whatever Happened to the Biblical Church?" at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

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Original Source: Author Mark Conrad's new book, 'Whatever Happened to the Biblical Church?' is an educating read discussing the loss of faith in America