Author Dr. Arnold O. Thompson’s New Audiobook ‘Deliver Us From Evil: A Prayer for Our Times’ is an Exploration of the State of the Christian Church and Where It’s Headed

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Dr. Arnold O. Thompson, who holds two B.A.s, a Master of Divinity, and a Doctorate in Theology, has completed his new audiobook "Deliver Us from Evil: A Prayer for Our Times": a thought-provoking and eye-opening examination of where the Christian currently stands, and how its leaders have allowed its messages to be overrun and co-opted by those who only seek to increase their wealth.

"'Deliver Us from Evil: A Prayer for Our Times' is a book written for the volatile evil times in which we live and what primarily the Christian church needs to know and do about it," writes Thompson. "Its purpose is to move beyond the performance stage to view the backstage, to look behind at the often unrecognized spiritual and evil infrastructure that constantly influence and corrupt what we see on the world's popular stage. It explains why truth on every level is under attack. It exposed the satanic strategy of lies, camouflage, hidden agendas, hidden spiritual wars that contribute to evil in the world. It reveals the many ways in which the Christian church is being dragged into wars God did not call us to fight while neglecting the one he called us to fight. It reveals why the evangelical church is so deadly silent about God's good news to our world while evil news is always viral in our times.

"Most of all, this book lays out how we must fight our battles. It reveals the detailed biblical battle plan God gave his followers to follow, to fight, and to win. It shows the path back to the real spiritual war against evil God called his people to engage. It delivers the often hidden foundational reason and purpose for Christ's prophetic prayer to his followers. This book shows Jesus's prayer was meant particularly for our times and dispensation just before he returns to finally and ultimately 'deliver us from evil.' It is one of the most important Christian books for survival for the Christian church's effective witness in our times."

Published by Audiobook Network, author Dr. Arnold O. Thompson's new audiobook challenges the Christian church to look inward and remove those with greed in their hearts who abuse the Lord's word for personal gain. By choosing to listen to God's guidance rather than those that claim to, Dr. Thompson encourages Christians to unite and overcome modern-day problems that stand in the church's way of reaching out to those who need the Lord's embrace the most.

Listeners can purchase the audiobook edition of "Deliver Us from Evil: A Prayer for Our Times" by Dr. Arnold O. Thompson through Audible, the Apple iTunes store, or Amazon. 

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Original Source: Author Dr. Arnold O. Thompson's New Audiobook 'Deliver Us From Evil: A Prayer for Our Times' is an Exploration of the State of the Christian Church and Where It's Headed