A New Benchmark in Proxy Services: Oxylabs Wins Top Performance Award

Oxylabs, a web intelligence acquisition solution and premium proxy provider announced that it had been granted the Best Proxy Performance award in the annual Proxy Service Awards hosted by Proxyway. This recognition comes on the heels of Oxylabs becoming the Data as a Service Company of the Year in the Data Breakthrough Awards.

Proxyway, a reputable platform for independent proxy service reviews, has recognized Oxylabs for its exceptional infrastructure performance, highlighting its commitment to offering clients ethical, secure, and high-quality proxy solutions. The Best Proxy Performance award recognizes Oxylabs' excellence in providing first-rate services and its ongoing efforts to unlock the power of web intelligence. 

"Oxylabs have always strived for top quality in all matters related to our customers, from product performance to constant client support. We are honored to be recognized by Proxyway, as such an award reflects our commitments to the industry at large. Everyone at Oxylabs has worked tirelessly to provide the best possible solutions to our customers, and I thank everyone in the team who has taken part in reinforcing our values and ethical approach to business." - said Julius ńĆerniauskas, CEO of Oxylabs.

Every year, Proxyway undertakes the task of testing almost a dozen proxy providers, with the aim of evaluating their services and subsequently ranking them based on several key performance indicators. This year, their evaluation has been broken down into six distinct categories, each serving a unique criterion - Best Proxy Performance, Best Value Provider, Newcomer of the Year, Greatest Progress, Most Innovative Provider, and Contender of the Year. These awards help consumers identify the best providers in the industry and encourage providers to continually strive for excellence.

Recently, Oxylabs has also been named the Data as a Service Company of the Year by Data Breakthrough Awards, recognizing the company's exceptional achievements in delivering data-driven solutions that enable businesses to unlock the full potential of web intelligence and gain a competitive edge in the digital landscape.

About Oxylabs

Established in 2015, Oxylabs is a web intelligence acquisition solution and premium proxy provider, enabling companies of all sizes to utilize the power of big data. Constant innovation, an extensive patent portfolio, and a focus on ethics have allowed Oxylabs to become a global leader in the web intelligence acquisition industry and forge close ties with dozens of Fortune Global 500 companies. In 2022 and 2023, Oxylabs was named the fastest-growing public web data-gathering solutions company in Europe in the Financial Times' FT 1000 list. For more information, please visit: https://oxylabs.io/ 

Contact Information:
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Head of Communications
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+44 7999 885206

Original Source: A New Benchmark in Proxy Services: Oxylabs Wins Top Performance Award